Windhobby SidewinderIf you are looking for a good remote control car, then you will want to take a look at the Windhobby Sidewinder. This car has everything that you could ask for in a remote control car, it has features that you will appreciate and enjoy. The Windhobby Sidewinder has a great look that compliments everything else that it has to offer. It is a fast and durable remote control car that is a lot of fun and offers you an exciting experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

The Windhobby Sidewinder has a wide ratio two speed transmission that will allow you to fully enjoy the 18CPX engine and get it up to speeds of 45 MPH or more. It also has off road aluminum oil filled shocks which will allow you to take it over rough terrain and know that it will be able to not only handle it, but perform well. It also handles very well and accelerates very quickly. This is a great choice if you are looking for a remote control car that you can take anywhere and have a great time with.
The Windhobby Sidewinder also has a two speed gearbox, a large fuel tank, a light weight fly wheel, adjustable oil filled shocks, a double sponge air filter, all metal disk brakes, and more. With all of these great features it is easy to see why the Windhobby Sidewinder is the perfect choice for anyone that enjoys remote controlled cars. It also makes an ideal gift for a teenager that you know who can tend to be hard to buy for. They will appreciate every thing that the Windhobby Sidewinder has to offer and it will keep them occupied for hours on end. This car can make your gift shopping a whole lot easier.

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