Whirly Bird HelicopterAre you a hobbyist who loves to fly remote-controlled planes and helicopters? Or if you have never done so, have you nurtured a deep longing to be able to fly one skillfully, like you would with a real chopper? You are going to get that experience when you fly the Whirly Bird Helicopter, a remote-controlled chopper that fits in the palm of your hand but flies like other RC choppers a lot bigger than it. Fly it as high as you can, as fast as you want, and it easily responds to your commands.

The Whirly Bird Helicopter comes with a remote control with charger. Just place 6 AA batteries inside the remote control and plug the Whirly Bird Helicopter into the charger inside. It just takes a few minutes to fully charge your chopper and it is ready to fly! Having a charger inside the remote control also means that you can charge your helicopter anywhere. There's no need to despair because there is no electrical outlet in sight. As soon as the helicopter runs out of power, plug it right back into the remote control and in a few minutes, you are ready for another exciting flight. Because the Whirly Bird Helicopter weighs a mere 3 pounds, it is an RC toy that is so easy to bring along anywhere. Since it is tiny enough to fit in your palm, it can be placed into almost any kind of bag and hardly occupies space. And yet, it flies just as high and as fast as much larger models of remote-controlled helicopters. It even has real working lights.Once in a while, you will experience crash landings but the Whirly Bird Helicopter is strong enough to survive those moments.

The Whirly Bird Helicopter is the perfect gift for your friends and family members. They will spend hours on end playing with this toy.

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