Wandarama ToyWondering about the Wandarama? Do you like seeing magic and even better, making magic with a gravity-defying super charged toy? The Wandarama is one of the coolest toys you’ll have because it does something amazing - it makes tinsel toys float up!

Your probably wondering about how does this Wandarama toy even work? Well, this fantastic Wandarama toy uses the same gravitation that makes your hair fly up!

The Wandarama is simple to use. All you have to do is press the button on the handle, wave it around the tinsel toy, then watch them fly around, float, spin, move and be suspended in mid-air. Let the button go and everything falls down. It’s amazing! The Wandarama toy can even make water bend while it’s streaming out a faucet. It’s one of the best toys any kid can ever own

Wandarama ToyThe Wandarama toy set comes with six tinsel toys so you can watch as everything flies around. If you buy now there will be an additonal six more tinsel toys to make you own a dozen tinsel to have a whole load of more fun making these things fly and float up in the air.

To make it styled, personalized, and yours, you can add the stickers that comes with it on the Wandarama to make it not only be cool but look cool. Do you like playing with friend or think it might be cool to use two Wandarama’s at once? If you buy now you get a second Wandarama set, which gives you two Wandarama wands, 24 tinsel toys, and 2 sticker sheets!

This is a toy that you can have a lot of amazing fun with! You can have a race around your house while using the Wandarama and carrying a tinsel toy and see who gets to the finish line first, or show off to your friends how cool your Wandarama is when they see it in action.

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