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Buy, Sell & Swap Pre-owned Kids' Items

It's convenient as Valet service will take care of trading the items. And what is even better, they have a SureSell Guarantee to buy the item you are trading in 45 days if it is not sold. Now, the guaranteed price goes up to 30 percent of the item's average retail new price, and since what you are selling would be used goods, then that would be a pretty good deal if you can't get to trade it. Valet Service answers your shopping needs. If you would like to buy things for your kids like toys at low prices, you don't have to go searching at garage sales and get to see it online with the assurance that the item is in good condition. Valet Service answers your selling needs. Kids grow up so fast and those pair of shoes and other clothes plus toys they are no longer interested and more can be converted into cash or swapped to get other things at this online trading website, Valet Service.