Summer Infant Secure SoundsIf you have a baby, you are most likely on the lookout for a baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby by listening to the sounds he makes even when he is not in the same room as you. You want one that will not fail you, will give you clear, crisp sounds and reliable wherever you place the transmitter and receiver within the house. Check out the Summer Infant Secure Sounds baby monitor.

The first time you see the Summer Infant Secure Sounds baby monitor, you will not even realize it is a baby monitor because of its very artsy and modern look. The parent unit has a rechargeable base and battery; the child unit (transmitter) has a back-up battery pack in case power goes off. The transmitter uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology to ensure clear, uninterrupted and secure transmission of sounds from your baby’s crib to you within a 600-ft range. The parent unit features a volume control as well as sound lights so that even if the volume is off, the blinking lights tell you that your baby is happily cooing. It also has an out-of-range indicator that emits audible beeps, a very useful way to tell if you are still receiving transmissions. A belt clip allows you to move around and continue working while the receiver is clipped to your body. It has several channels and the monitor automatically chooses the channel which delivers the best sound.

Don’t waste time. Get the Summer Infant Secure Sounds baby monitor now and become more productive and efficient at home while having peace of mind that you can monitor your dear one from anywhere within the house.

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