Surprise your children and their friends with their very own homegrown terrariums filled with Strange and Unusual Plants. See their eyes grow big as they watch plants that they have never encountered before grow right before their very eyes in just days. Each of these plants has an unusual feature that will be the center of conversation with their friends who come to visit.

It can be very challenging at times to give gifts to children. The kind of toys found in toy stores and malls are just too common and often, the children grow bored of playing with them for some time. Strange and Unusual Plants will keep children excited and preoccupied as they watch the development of their plants from the time they plant the seeds into the planting basket to the time these become full-grown.

Watch them enjoy playing pretend and imagine that they are scientists in a jungle on the lookout for dangerous and fascinating plants. Hear their gasps as they put an insect into their very own Venus Fly Trap and see those sharp leaf edges swallow up the insect for its meal.  Let them ponder the plant that is so sensitive that it closes its leaves up when you touch them. How about letting them pick off a leaf from the Sweet Leaf Plant and chew on it? Sweet as sugar! Or let them grow the Baby Madagascar Plant, the smallest palm tree in the world.

Everything you’ll need to grow Strange and Unusual Plants comes with your order: a plant basket with clear dome top, soil and seeds sufficient to grow up to 40 plants, plant identification tags, and colorful gravel and decorative decals. Just place the basket in a sunny area of the house, let the kids water it daily, and see all these wacky plants come to life. In addition, get a Dinosaur Plant as a bonus – pour water on its shriveled form and it springs open. Your kids can do this over and over again for more fun.

Your kids will get the wackiest and zaniest fun out of caring for their Strange and Unusual Plants. Even adults will want to join in the fun.

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