SprayzaDo you have children who are artistically inclined or friends with children who love to draw and create artwork? Let them make the most beautiful designs with Sprayza.

Sprayza is a toy kit which has a special airbrush tool and a number of special pens which will surely amuse and surprise your children at how artistic they can become from using Sprayza. Sprayza makes art work look easy. Children have only to blow into the airbrush tool while a pen is inserted and the designs come out magically on paper. With Sprayza they have the ability to create original designs for cards, posters, and signs. The pens have a special ink which, when blown through the airbrush tool, comes out in tiny specks, and when they change pens, the colors get overlapped and blended to add dimension to the image. Children all over the country love playing with Sprayza because it is also mess-free. The special ink the colored pens use dries up fast as soon as they are blown onto the paper. It also does not smear your hands nor splashes on your clothes. It is that safe and fun to play with. Sprayza can be a great educational toy kit for children who want to bring out the artistic side of them. It allows them the freedom to express themselves by creating funny, weird, and out-of-this-world images from their wildest imagination and they can do all these in quick, easy steps. The Sprayza kit has 24 Sprayza pens, 2 Sprayza tools, 65 stencils, 10 mini blendy pens, 5 fusion chambers, and 1 instruction book which has easy-to-understand instructions.

Don’t waste another moment. Get the magical Sprayza as a gift or as a surprise and see how it could greatly improve children's artistic skills .

Get your Sprayza HERE.