SpotzDo you want your children to further enhance their creative skills? Do you want a fun and interactive toy for them? Introducing Spotz, a fun and exciting, interactive toy which can bring out the artistic side of your children.

Spotz has creative designs and buttons which teach young children to create beautiful buttons from the Spotz machine. Your children have the ability to choose different designs in the kit, or may use their own imagination by cutting out pictures from magazines. Once the chosen picture is cut to the correct size, your children can then push down a purple lever to punch in a circle surrounding the image. Once a button is put in place, slide down the circular image onto the button and turn the dial to twist and permanently attach the image to the button. After this, a button will come out of the Spotz with your chosen image. For better lighting and viewing your children can press one of three circles shown on the machine and it will light up to the delight of your children. The button will then come out and will show you the image of the lighted circle which was chosen. All the buttons in Spotz have varied colors and are the size of a fifty-cent coin. Spotz is really a great activity toy for children as young as five years old because they can decorate their bags, clothes. They can also use Spotz for school projects without getting any help from you. However, always supervise your children while they use Spotz because its small parts may be swallowed without your knowing. Spotz uses two Triple-A batteries which are not included in the kit.

Get your children the wonderful Spotz toy and witness their joy in knowing that three simple steps can make beautiful buttons for them and their friends.

Get the Spotz HERE.