Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun PackKids have been enjoying Shrinky Dinks for many years. If you have your own child now, then you will want to give them the same enjoyment that you used to have as a kid with Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun Pack. Your children will love to make things like gifts for the family, window decorations, gift tags, and so much more out of these Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun Pack. When you buy the set you get 72 Shrinky Dinks that are decorated for the holidays that come in 24 different designs, this is a great way to have your children help you make holiday decorations. This set also comes with six 8 x 10 inch sheets of shrinkable plastic.

You will really be impressed by all of the different things that this Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun Pack has inside of it to help your children have a lot of fun. It has special things like a foldout poster and a Christmas poem that your children will enjoy. When you are looking for a great way to keep your children busy in a productive manner, you will want to make sure that you purchase them their very own Shrinky Dinks set.

One of the things that children love so much about Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun Pack is that they can create something unique with their very own hand. Another thing that they really like is that they can see the Shrinky Dinks in one form and see them transform in to something smaller right before their eyes. Shrinky Dinks Christmas Fun Pack is the perfect gift for any child that loves art and likes to create things with their own hands. When you want to know that you are getting your child the perfect gift that they will really enjoy, this is just the thing that you will want to give to them for their gift.

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