"Hello?" - Mom! It's Santa on the phone! Book a long distance call from the North Pole. Santa Speaking is one of the most popular ways to make a kid's holiday season! Ring in the cheer when you make a schedule for Santa to call a child!

It's will be such a surprise for any child. Since you know when the call from Santa will be made, you can let the kid answer the phone. Can you imagine their amazement when Santa says hello, asks to speak with them, and says "Ho ho ho".

During the holiday season, in some areas it might be too cold to take a child out. Going to the mall to have them take their picture with Santa is one thing that they might have done.

Sometimes, the kid will just be at home during the Christmas season as there isn't enough money to go out. Even if the child is not feeling well, they can still talk on the phone - especially if the caller is Santa.

What makes this Santa call different from any other Santa call is that you can provide details about the child - so when there conversation happens, the kid is going to be astonished when Santa asks about how their pet dog is or if they have eaten their favorite food.

The phone call is so believable, you would wish that there was Santa Speaking when you were young so you would have gotten a phone call way back then!

Having Santa call a child is a sure way to make them happy. If you have been wondering what to give to a kid that has everything, the call from Santa is it!

Schedule a Live Phone Call From Santa Claus!

If you want more than a phone call, Santa Speaking offers more personalized gifts. There are Santa Letters from the North Pole that will be delivered to a child's door.

To make the holiday special Santa greeting even better, you may choose to send a Santa video. What an awesome way to share the joy of the season. With a video, even toddlers can enjoy the Kris Kringle greeting!

Santa Speaking is one of the special ways to start the kid off to feel the spirit, to highlight the season, or an after the Christmas day greeting. The lines from the North Pole are going to be busy these year.