Small children are often susceptible to getting lost in crowded places, especially at amusement parks, shopping malls, campsite, or anyplace where there are more exciting things to see. Safeguard your child by applying the new SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos which serves as your child’s personal identification card anywhere you go. SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos are special tattoos which you can stick on your child’s arm and it stays stuck for days to come even while sweating or bathing. These are also harmless to all types of skin.

SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos come in packages of 6 or 12 pieces per pack and in blue or pink to identify the gender of your child. There are different eye-catching designs like "If lost, please call...", "In an emergency...", "Medical condition" and even "Non-Verbal" tats for children who are too young to speak. There are other designs to address allergy allerts and school information as well. For easy writing on the tattoo stickers, tattoo marking pens are also available at SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos.

SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos come in different packages designed to address the specific needs and protection of your child: (1) SafetyTat QR – are safe, innovative tattoos which keep coded information about your child on the tattoos. The coded information is revealed only when scanned by a smart phone with a QR application; (2) Quick Stick Write-On - is a peel-n-stick applique that comes with a waterproof marking pen to enable you to write contact information on the tattoo that stays sweatproof and waterproof; (3) Original SafetyTats - whose color hues can adjust to your child’s skin tone; (4) Tat Kisses - tattoos with kiss designs and messages like "Mommy loves you" that serve as confidence-boosters for young children; (5) Alzheimer’s or Dementia - tattoos for seniors to wear so that they can be readily reunited with their caregivers when separated or contain items, tasks, names and dates that those with these medical conditions forget; and (6) SafetyTat TatBuilder – tattoos which you and your family can personalize. It can be a do-it-yourself project for you and your child where you choose the icons, background colors, borders, and the messages you want written on the tattoos. There are over 100,000 possible combinations to choose from.

To add excitement to your life, SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos also have Travel Packs which have different types of cool tattoos to liven up family parties or special occasions, fun bumper stickers for your car, and more tattoo marking pens which are useful in case of emergency.

Safeguarding your child is so easy and affordable with SafetyTat-Child Safety Tattoos. When you've got their tattoos on your kids' hands, you get that additional layer of security that your kid carries around important information that will safeguard his/her protection and well-being.