Rub n ColorHave you found crayon stains on your school, home, or office furniture? Do you want to show children how they can enjoy drawing and coloring their artworks without getting their hands & your tables dirty with crayons or colored pens? Introducing the Rub n Color coloring book which is a special book created for kids as young as three years old.

Rub n Color is an innovative creativity book which children can color without getting messy, sticky, or flaky stains on their hands, elbows, or clothes and yet they will be able to fill in the colors of the drawings or create their own colored drawings. On the Rub n Color activity book, a child can place a texture plate above the page and, by using his/her finger, a straw, a coin, a stone, or any other tool for rubbing, bring out beautiful colors like magic. The Rub n Color coloring book is filled with 142 pages of fun projects, including picture stencils which children can use to create images. It can even encourage them to make their own drawings too. This great activity book keeps children busy for long stretches of time while at home, in the car, or wherever you bring them. Rub n Color keep children out of trouble and quiet while you do your house chores. Rub n Color is a good investment because it is better and cheaper to have than paying for a nanny to watch over your children. At the very least, they will learn to be neat and careful with their personal belongings.

Make your life stress-free by getting the Rub n Color activity book for your children or as a gift for friends' children.

Get your Rub n Color HERE.