Roll Up PianoIf you are a musician and you travel a lot, or if you are musically inclined, then take a good look at this. The Roll Up Piano is not just an ordinary piano. The name of the piano itself already says why it is different from the others. It is unique because it can be brought anywhere, which makes it more convenient. It is portable, easy to assemble and looks stylish at the same time. It just makes this the perfect instrument for those who are always on the go. All you have to do is to roll it up. It’s not bulky and can fit almost anywhere. This is perfect for occasions when you don’t have a piano with you and an idea of a song pops in your head. You just pull out this piano and start playing. Musicians will be able to play their music anywhere. Even kids, teens and adults would want to play this piano.

The Roll Up Piano is packed with great features. It can play several different instruments, has varying rhythm choices and different tones. It includes demo tunes and the keys are good for several octaves of playing range. Included with this product is a plug-in jack for headphones, earphones or amplifiers so that when you are in a quiet place, others don’t get distracted. This can be operated with 4 double-A batteries or an AC adaptor which is included with the piano. A User’s Manual also comes with it for beginners who want to learn and for those having a hard time operating it.

Enjoy the fun of being able to play a piano wherever you may be and surprise your family and friends. With the Roll Up Piano, you can play music whenever and wherever you may be.

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