Rocket Fishing RodIf you have a child who loves fishing but struggles with a regular rod, then that can be quite a problem. Although some children can cope with the difficulties of using a regular rod, some would prefer not to fish instead. After all, if fishing entails having to deal with the difficulties of using a regular rod, then that just takes all the fun out of the experience for your child. At the same time, having to teach a child to cast and reel with a regular rod is just too difficult. This is where the Rocket Fishing Rod comes in. It’s a fishing rod that works just for kids! It operates in just three simple steps: you pull it back, you launch it and you reel it in.

The Rocket Fishing Rod is a lightweight fishing rod that makes fishing fun and hassle-free for both children and their parents. All you have to do is to pump and launch to release the line which can be cast up to 30 feet, without getting snares and tangles. To start catching, all you have to do is to pull back the Rocket Launcher’s handle, reel in the bobber, take aim and then release to fire. The safety bobber then does its job by staying closed until it reaches the water and thus releasing the hook. With the safety bobber, you can avoid accidents from the hook during casting. Prior to casting, you can adjust the drag wheel depending on the fish that you’re trying to cast, and you can insert the bait into the bobber. It couldn’t be any simpler than that.

With the Rocket Fishing Rod, fishing doesn’t have to be a bad experience for you or your kids. Although the Rocket Fishing Rod doesn’t guarantee that your child will be able to catch fish, what’s important is that your child will gain a memorable experience.

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