RC Helicopter ApacheIf you want to become an RC aircraft pilot, but you aren’t satisfied with the RC aircrafts that you’ve toyed around with, then the RC Helicopter Apache is the right aircraft for you. It’s fun, lightweight and is ready for flying as soon as you get it out of the box. All it takes is a little practice with the directional movement and rotation, and the next thing you know, you’re already an expert with the RC Helicopter Apache! What makes this helicopter even better is that it moves just like a real helicopter would. That way, you’ll really feel like you’re operating an actual military-grade helicopter.

Like most RC aircrafts, the RC Helicopter Apache is remote controlled. Still, what makes this helicopter so special is that it has co-axial rotor blades (dual propellers to ensure stable flight) that diminish the need for it to have a tail rotor. There is a lot of enjoyment that can come out of this product because it takes less than an hour to fully charge it but it can stay in the air for up to ten minutes straight. At the same time, it can reach up to 120 feet or 40 meters high! It is also very detailed and it has a large likeness with a real combat helicopter, which is a plus for a helicopter enthusiast.

Whether it is for your child, your nephew or for yourself, the RC Helicopter Apache will surely provide hours and hours of enjoyment. Play it indoors, outdoors, or with a friend. It’s versatile, advanced and it allows you to fully take control of its flight. If you’ve always wondered how it would feel like to control an actually helicopter, the RC Helicopter Apache lets you experience just that…without having to worry about the danger it entails.

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