Rainbow Art DeluxeIf you have children or friends with children who love drawing and painting, or if they simply love to make art for fun, then here is one amazing art kit they will surely love. Although this is mainly for kids, this art kit is also ideal for teens and even adults who are interested in the arts. People who have artistic eyes and wild imagination will enjoy this kit. You will also appreciate this because you do not have to worry about the mess, the paint dripping or the paint splattering. The sponges are made from no-drip foam pads, and the watercolors were created to be quick-drying. There is just less hassle so you can create colourful pictures and magical places with the Rainbow Art Deluxe. Now they can enjoy doing what they want during their free time, without you having to think about cleaning a lot of mess after. Not only that, but the children will also learn about geometric shapes and how to make colorful combinations. Make them surprise you with their unique art designs. Allow them to also expand their creativity and experiment with their art skills to fully reach their potential as budding artists.

The Rainbow Art Deluxe does not just provide basic materials. This includes six non-toxic, fast drying watercolors, six no-drip paintbrushes, three bonus UV glow-in-the-dark colors, one megabrush and one portable case, which makes it a complete set. With this new kit, kids can create awesome artworks with the glow-in-the-dark colors. The watercolors are perfect because there is no problem with removing the stains afterâ€