Pyramid 3D PuzzleTired of the usual somewhat-boring seen-it-all-before but not really challenging classic puzzles? Want to try a new kind of puzzle that’s sure to keep you, your friends, and your family hooked on for days? Then try out the new Pyramid 3D Puzzle, a one-of the kind puzzle challenge that will keep you on your toes as you try to match piece for piece in building and completing the pyramid.

A 365-piece puzzle by Master Pieces, the Pyramid 3D puzzle begins from the ground up, as you literally work your way from the bottom to the top. As each piece of the puzzle comes together, it reveals more of the mysteries hidden within the pyramid puzzle. The game is loaded with fun pyramid trivia that will guide you towards your next clue as you search and find the right puzzle piece to fit the missing spaces of the pyramid. With its unique corner block finishing edge and freestanding tabletop showcase, this is surely a game that you can be proud of and can put on display.

Discover the explorer in you that’s waiting to get out as you decipher the clues one by one. Not only will you have fun as you discover things about the pyramids that you didn’t know existed, find yourself going back in time as you build the pyramid from scratch, until you find yourself finishing it with the last piece of the puzzle. There has been nothing as fun, challenging and educational as the Pyramid 3D Puzzle. Buy it and join in the fun and the adventure that this game will leave you and your friends with for the next couple of days and weeks. After you have finished and completed this, you can surely boast to your friends that you’ve built a pyramid from the bottom all the way to the top.

Order the Pyramid 3D Puzzle HERE.