Press Dough Cookie MakerThere’s a new toy in town that’s guaranteed to make your snack time more than just an afternoon delight. For those who want to make snack time more than just a solitary errand where your kids just come in, eat what you’ve made and run off to somewhere in the house, then this might just be what you’re looking for. With Press Dough Cookie Maker, you’ll spend endless hours cooking and baking away with your kids. It’s a lot of fun and your kids won’t feel like cooking is a chore anymore. Who knows, your kids might just ask you if they can help out in the kitchen!

So what’s Press Dough Cookie Maker? As the name implies, the instructions are pretty simple. You press dough and out come cookies and treats. The set comes with 2 cookie presses, 24 cookie patterns, 4 shape4s and 24 molds so you just place the dough inside the cookie press and with the patterns, shapers and mold you’ve chosen, you can come out with different shapes of cookies that are ready to bake and eat. Whether you want to go classic with shapes that make dough come out like spaghetti, or if you want to go wild with the animal molds, or if you want to go kiddie with fanciful shapes like stars and suns, with the Press Dough Cookie Maker, anything you want goes. After baking, the fun is not over yet. With the 2 flour shakers and 8 frosting tips included in the set, you can decorate and design your creations to make eating them after even more delightful! Included are 2 spatulas, rolling pins and cutting wheels suited for your children so they can join in on the fun at any time.

Included in the Press Dough Cookie Maker set are 2 more important things: an instruction manual and decorating guide so you can start with a sensational new creation right out of the book, and later on when you’ve mastered how to use the Press Dough Cookie Maker, you and your kids can skip the book decorations and go imaginative with whatever you want to make next. So whether it’s hand-made dough or store-bought dough, as long as you put your imagination to the task and have loads of fun making your food, you will surely enjoy the Press Dough Cookie Maker.

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