Pixos Starter Kit Aqua DotsHave your kids mentioned to you over and over again how they’ve run out of creative ideas to work on? Looking for another means by which your kids can release their creative side without damaging your important things at home? Want to limit where they become creative, without limiting their creative juices? Find the solution to your dilemma with the Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots!

Discover the artist in your child with the Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots, a 4 color chamber pen that allows you to dot your way into creating the next amazing masterpiece. Designed by SpinMaster, place the differently colored dots on the templates and see your creations come to life. To keep your artwork intact, simply spray water on your creations (spray bottle is included with the starter kit) and wait for it to dry. Included in the kit are 3 templates featuring 6 designs, so you can be creative and follow the fun patterns already available on the templates for you to follow, or use your imagination to invent your own one-of-a-kind and imagination-inspired designs.

The Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots comes with 500 Aqua Dots beads to run your imagination wild with, 1 four color chamber pen, 1 spray bottle, 3 double sided templates, 2 design trays, 2 stands to showcase your works, and 2 instruction booklets. Great for children ages 5-10. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to use and easy to clean up after. You will definitely not have to worry about your children leaving a lot of mess on the floor or on the walls. Help your children discover the artist that they can be, without the hassle that cleaning up after them. Allow them to release their creative ideas using the Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots. Be that proud parent who can say that they’ve discovered their child’s hidden talents. Get your child the Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots today and mold them into becoming the artist of tomorrow.

Get the Pixos Starter Kit Aqua Dots HERE.