Phlat BallHave you discovered the amazing new toy that transforms as you throw it around? Come and discover the Phlat Ball, a unique toy that transforms from a flying disk into a ball as you throw it. With its amazing time-delay feature, your partner will definitely not expect what’s coming to him. Throw him a disc and he’ll be surprised to find it transform into a ball before his very own eyes. Amazing! Kick your playing up a notch by challenging yourself with this one of a kind disc-ball game. Level up your hand-eye coordination as you train yourself to catch something that changes its shape unexpectedly!

So what is a Phlat Ball? Well, it’s a 9 inch flying disc that transforms into a 6 inch ball as you throw it away from you. You never know what to expect as the time-delay feature allows for it to change unexpectedly and inconsistently. It is thrown like a disc by squeezing down the middle to set the time delay, then in the air it transforms into a ball. Its laminated fabric reinforcement makes it a durable toy for any occasion. With its waterproof foam exterior, you can play it by the beach or in a pool, in the park or in your backyard.

The Phlat Ball is recommended for ages 5 years and above. With the Phlat Ball, you’ll have no hassle at all as you can shrink it back into its flat form then bring it with you in your car or in a bag. Have loads of fun with your friends and family wherever you go. Rediscover the simple joys that playing catch can get you. It’s as simple as throwing a disc and getting heaps of fun in catching whatever comes your way. There is no simpler joy that can be found in a modern but not so-modern toy than with the Phlat Ball.

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