It is almost certain that at one point in your life, particularly during your childhood, you had at least one favourite stuffed toy. It could have been a classic brown teddy bear, a rainbow colored pony, or even an old rag doll. Whatever it might have been, imagine having two such soft, plush toys — and imagine them snuggling your feet each night. Sounds good? That’s just what Pawggles do. Pawggles are a one of a kind creation: they are adorable stuffed toys that double as a pair of cosy, slip-resistant slippers. In just seconds, transform them from fun toys to functional footwear.

Pawggles come in six different designs: Orange Kitties, Pink Kitties, Magical Unicorns, Adorable Bears, Lucky Puppies and Fun Furry Dinosaurs. All different yet all adorable. Grown-ups and kids alike are bound to find a favorite. Get the one you find most irresistible, or better yet, collect them all. They also come in child and adult sizes, so you can enjoy them whatever age you may be. Pawggles are perfect not just for kids, but for anyone who loves soft, comfy slippers that are sturdy, easy to clean, and safe enough to wear outside the room.

Pawggles are double stitched and machine washable, so they won’t wear out easily or be a burden to wash like most furry bedroom slippers. They are also made with non-slip soles, so you need not worry about accidents just before bedtime. Slip them on before you head down for a glass of water, and rest easy knowing the kids won’t be hurting themselves just walking to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Pawggles are great as gifts, for playtime, for bedtime cuddling, or whenever you need a little something to keep your feet warm. They are also priced right, making them perfect to collect. Gone are the days when your furry friends were just toys. Pawggles will surely put the “fun” back in “function”. Get a pair of Pawggles now!