OKO TricycleNot all tricycles are made the same. If your kid is old enough to start learning how to ride a tricycle, you will want to make sure that his first experience is such that your child will be confident enough to keep on riding. You are probably also looking for a trike which allows you to hold it to reassure your child during his first few attempts and to keep it stable until he learns to balance. You also want that trike to be safe enough for your child to ride around in. Many trikes may include these features but what if you found out that there is a trike in the market which has all these and yet has been designed to look sleek and modern and very much unlike the design of regular trikes? And that this trike has additional features as well? Take a good look at the OKO Tricycle.

The OKO Tricycle, made by Italtrike, is an Italian-designed trike that resulted from a study of child ergonomics. It stands out precisely because it was designed differently. It has a cradle-shaped frame which makes it easier to hop on and off the trike without having to navigate the crossbar. It has a removable sunshade which can protect your child from sun or rain. The wheels are extra large to grip the ground better and for greater stability. It has a detachable parent push-bar which you can use to keep the trike balanced. Once he is confident and stable, take the push-bar out and watch him zoom away! Safety-wise, what more can you ask with a 3-point safety belt, lever brake on the front wheel, and a 45-degree right and left topple-proof steering top.

The OKO Tricycle is good for kids aged 2 to 5 years old. As they grow older, the handle can be adjusted, making their enjoyment of their trike last a long time.

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