Looking for the perfect gift for your little girl can be a challenge. You want your gift to be something unique and special so you spend more time visiting shops and stores only to end up buying the same gifts over and over again. If you are having this dilemma then you need to read this My Twinn Review and visit My Twinn.

My Twinn has its unique just-like-me doll products that are customized and personalized to look like your little girl. To have a My Twinn Doll you simply provide a photo of your child along with your choices of hair and eye color, hair length, style, and texture, skin tone, doll outfit, and other information. Using these details, the professional stylists at My Twinn will be able to create the My Twinn Doll that looks just like your child.

A collection of My Twinn Baby Dolls is also available at My Twinn. Little girls love playing the mommy role and having a My Twinn Baby Doll is a perfect gift for them as well. There are also My Twinn Vintage Collector Dolls available if you’re looking for one.

My Twinn also has a collection of cute and fashionable doll clothing and accessories. Your child can dress up her dolls any way she wants with the various outfits available such as casual wear, sports outfit, costumes, and more. For accessories, there are eyeglasses and headwear, jewelries, bags, shoes, socks, and others. There are also doll salon products available.

If you want to purchase doll furniture and storage then there’s no need to look somewhere else. Cribs, strollers, changing tables, salon furniture, bedroom, kitchen, tables and chairs, travel trunks, and doll storage and stand can all be found at My Twinn. All you need to do is browse the site and click on each of the furniture to have a better glimpse.

My Twinn also has its own Doll Hospital to provide care to My Twinn Dolls. For admission to the Doll Hospital, simply fill out the My Twinn Doll Hospital Admissions Form along with your details such as name, address, contact number, and credit card information. Your card will be used to cover the shipping charge for the doll’s trip back home.

Hospital doll accessories can also be purchased at My Twinn including doll scrub shirt, hearing aid, arm cast, and hospital gown and ID bracelets along with several others.

There are also various My Twinn Doll Hospital Services and Products available. Doll makeover, heirloom restoration, new wig and hair style, new poseable body, and other services that your child wants to have for her doll are possible at the Doll Hospital.

Your little one can also design her own look-a-like virtual doll and play with it at My Twinn My World. Inside this virtual world she can play games and earn virtual coins, which she can use to purchase clothing and accessories for her virtual doll.

Have you heard of My BFF Doll? This is another product from the makers of My Twinn. Your child can create her very own My BFF Doll online complete with outfit and accessories. To complete the process, My BFF Doll must be provided a name and birthday and saved for future online visits. My BFF Dolls can also be printed and used in e-cards.

With My Twinn, giving gifts has now become even more special and creative. Visit My Twinn now to let your little princess enjoy these special and one-of-a-kind dolls.

From Nov. 19st to Dec. 21st at MyTwinn.com!
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