Moon Dough - Kids Molding DoughKids nowadays are so easily fed up with normal games and would much rather stay in front of a computer or a television than go out to play with their friends. It becomes increasingly difficult to find games that are fun and creative and would attract their attention long enough for them to stay away from the front of a screen. The question now is, are kids much safer in front of a screen where their attention is concentrated, or are they safer away from the screen and playing with toys that may not only be harmful for them but can also be messy and cause problems for you later on? This is where Moon Dough - Kids Molding Dough comes along.

Moon Dough - Kids Molding Dough is a great toy for your kids! It never dries out, is hypoallergenic and wheat free, plus it’s easy to clean up once your kids are done playing with it. It’s a soft and light play dough that comes in 8 different colors – Blue, Green, White, Orange, Purple, Red, Pink and Yellow! It comes with character and fold molds that allows your kids to mold it into whatever their little hearts desire, or you can buy the different theme sets and allow your kids to have their own little clay pizza party, or have them pretend to work at a burger stand, let them be their own Old Macdonald with their barn of animals or get them to play with cute little puppies as they explore and create a world of imagination!

Moon Dough - Kids Molding Dough is the lovable, playable, cost-effective play dough that your kids will have a hard time putting down. Because Moon Dough - Kids Molding Dough doesn’t dry, after playing with it, your kids can display their creations and have friends and family ogle at how creative they are. And when they are finally tired of them, they can just roll them up and fold them to create something entirely new. Hours and hours of delightful fun is in store for you and your children.

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