Kids travel the world with Little Passports which brings adventures to their door. It's not just a suitcase where they will play imaginary games with, the excitement of Little Passports is monthly. Children don't have to leave home to go on the learning experience that only Little Passports can provide.

The Little Passports gives the child a globe trotting experience. Their awareness of the world we live in is rather limited when they are still young, as they just know their family members and those in their immediate community like school. Even if they travel from state to state on holidays, there are many who do not get to travel abroad.

What if the world travelers adventure comes to their door?

Here's the video about Little Passports featured on one of the TV shows.

Little Passports is exciting as every month a child will expect a package to arrive. What they will learn from these are things about the different countries such as the history, geography, culture, and even language. It's a way to learn about the world which makes it totally exciting.

The way it can be done easily is subscribing to Little Passports.

The first thing that they will get is what they need to go start their epic trip which is the Explorer's kit which includes a travel suitcase, a letter, a world map, stickers, activity sheet, and the Little Passport. It also has a 'secret code' that they will use to go online to play games and have more activities at the member's section of the website.

The online experience is a safe activity for the kids. Every month, they will learn more about the world they live in as they expand their horizons. With the personal touch, it's like having a real friend, which will help them prepare for the future when it comes to dealing with different people from the various cultures.

Little Passports is a way out of the daily humdrum of life. A child seldom receives a package just for themselves, and this one will be anticipated. Share the gift of learning with the adventurous world of Little Passports.