Lilliebaby EuroToteIf you do a lot of traveling but have a newborn baby, that can be quite a challenge. There are many baby carriers around but some of them are quite heavy and bulky. Imagine how inconvenient it is to tote around those car seats and bulky baby carriers. They take a toll on your arms and shoulders! Now check out the Lilliebaby EuroTote, a baby carrier which is ideal for parents who move around a lot and are quite mobile. Its stylish Scandinavian design has been merged with the functionality and safety requirements that suit the lifestyle of a mobile family. Traveling with your baby has never been easier and more fashionable.

Lilliebaby EuroTote is a versatile baby carrier that can morph into 5 different ways of holding your baby. You can carry baby as a sling bag as it comes with shoulder straps. You can also put baby into a car or a stroller using Lilliebaby EuroTote as a carrier and as a bunting bag. It also transforms into a baby blanket and travel bed when laid out on a surface. Your baby will always be protected inside. The inner lining is made of soft cotton flannel. When you order the Lilliebaby EuroTote, you get two interchangeable outer covers: a soft and breathable mesh blanket for warm, summer days and a quilted, microfiber outer cover to protect against wind and rain. With this double lining you can use this carrier throughout all four seasons of the year. 3- or 5-point seat belts can be safely strapped directly over your child inside the carrier. It has also been crash tested and found not to interfere with the safety features of a car seat.

The Lilliebaby EuroTote can be used for babies ranging from newborn to 3 years of age. Click the link below and order yours today.

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