Kids John Deere Utility TractorYou know what kids are like. They go through a phase when they imitate everything an adult does or wears. A little girl would put makeup on just like her mother does. A little boy would mimic his dad and wants to work side by side with him when he does carpentry or yard work or just about anything. If your child is at that imitating stage, he will surely love the Kids John Deere Utility Tractor. The tractor looks exactly like the real thing. There is no mistaking that familiar green and yellow color combination which a John Deere tractor is known for.

This scaled kiddie version of the Kids John Deere Utility Tractor comes complete with a front loader and a backhoe that actually work! Imagine your kid squealing with delight as he works the levers to raise and lower these, all from the driver's seat. The front loader can be used to scoop up things such as sand and rocks and dump them in another location. Your child can use the backhoe for digging stuff. The Kids John Deere Utility Tractor even sounds like a real tractor when your child turns on the ignition key. A foot pedal acts both as accelerator when pressed down, or as a brake when it is released. Your child will believe that what he is driving is the real thing as it can move at 2 1/4mph and also has a working horn and blinking lights. The Kids John Deere Utility Tractor is electric-powered and comes with an AC adapter. Its rechargeable battery can spell up to two hours of driving fun for your child on a five-hour charge. The driver seat is also adjustable so that your growing child will continue to have fun even as he grows bigger.

The Kids John Deere Utility Tractor is the perfect toy for the driver in your child. It is good for ages 2 to 4 and supports up to 55 lbs. Go ahead and let your child enjoy his very own tractor in the safety of your own backyard.

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