Kaskey KidsDo you have kids that are so hyperactive and sports-obsessed? During summer months and when the weather is good, they can be kept preoccupied playing outdoors but when the weather is rainy or does  not allow them to be outdoors for long periods, how do you keep active kids entertained indoors? This was the dilemma which led Christy and Bruce Kaskey to think of, and design, Kaskey Kids -- a collection of sporty figures in different sports arenas, and in different poses, to tickle the creative imagination of your kids and keep them entertained for hours on end.

Kaskey Kids are available for the following sports: football, baseball, soccer (guys and girls) and hockey. There are generic figures as well as specialty collegiate figures. Each set comes complete with two full teams, playing field mat and all the equipment (including goals) needed for a real game so that your kids can play pretend for hours on end. Each action figure is shown in a striking, active pose. Each action figure is set on a base so it can easily stay upright even when the playing field mat is placed on a carpet. Kaskey Kids toys encourage creativity and develop kids' imaginations. As they become engrossed in their imaginary play, dreaming up game strategies, resolving conflict situations and learning sportsmanship, they actually put into practice things that will help them in the real world. All of the toys from Kaskey Kids come in their own storage boxes so children can clean up after they are done playing. The storage boxes are so handy that they can be brought when you travel, keeping your kids occupied even when away from home.

Kaskey Kids toys have been thoroughly tested to ensure your kids' safety. Independent testing labs have checked for lead content, small parts, sharp edges, flammability and other safety concerns. Your children will enjoy hours and hours of imaginary play fun with Kaskey Kids.

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