HoverDiscHave you ever seen a toy that you can throw around, roll around, bounce off of things, and only play with once you inflate it? If you haven’t, then meet the HoverDisc, an inflatable toy that comes in various designs and can easily inflate and deflate to a child's needs. The amazing thing about this one-of-a-kind toy is that it works both indoors and outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about your child not being able to play with the toy because of the rain or because of other unforeseen circumstances. It’s safe and user-friendly.

So what is the HoverDisc exactly? It’s a toy that floats, hovers and defies gravity. Watch as it soars across the room or across the sky; wherever it is played, kids will surely have the best of fun. With over 100 different ways to throw it, they will never tire of finding creative and imaginative ways to play with a simple toy. Inflatable to up to 3 feet in diameter, fill it up with helium or air and watch it go, go, go. The patented fiberglass rod gives the HoverDisc just the right amount of weight and balance, allowing it to soar to the greatest heights possible. It is also made of high strength metallic material and a flexible outer ring. A one-time inflation can last up to 5 weeks when inflated with air and up to 3 weeks when inflated with helium.

Portable and lightweight, you can inflate it for use, then deflate for travel, and then re-inflate again when you get to your desired destination. It can fit into most, if not all, small bags. It practically takes up no space whatsoever. The HoverDisc is so flexible so you don’t have to worry about kids roughing it when playing with it. It’s safe to use so it’s also safe to play at home, as long as there aren’t any valuables and breakables in the way. So what are you waiting for? Get the simple but surprisingly filled-with-fun and far-from-costly HoverDisc.

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