High School Musical Rockerz Boomin DrumsKids nowadays are just too hooked on their video games to pay attention to their art or music lessons. It’s harder to release their artistic abilities when all they do all day is sit in front of the television and watch their cartoons or play on the Playstation or Wii. For a parent, it can be very frustrating to find their children’s lack of interest in anything but their modern gadgets. An answer to your problem comes in these next few words. The High School Musical Rockerz Boomin Drums is a great way to incorporate your child’s love for one of the recent Disney hits into a creative and fun learning outlet for them to achieve their artistic ability without hindering their interests. This amazing new toy will allow your kids to have fun with music while giving them an opportunity to do so without going through those seemingly boring lessons.

This High School Musical Rockerz Boomin Drum allows your kids to rock along with the various favorite songs available from the movie High School Musical (from Disney). Jam along with the original songs, or create your own mix of sounds and effects while pretending to be your own High School Musical rock star like Troy, Gabriella or any of the other members of the East High class. Get your kids’ creative juices flowing as they play along to songs like "Get'cha Head In The Game." Watch as they move in tune with the songs and find themselves falling in love with music and other musical interests. Who knows? Your child might just discover their love for music, and you might just discover the next High School Musical star, or better yet, a budding American Idol!

This awesome toy from Zizzle is lightweight and can be used by children three years and up. Don’t lose the opportunity to help your kids find the star in themselves. Help them find their love for music with the High School Musical Rockerz Boomin Drum.

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