Havoc Heli RC HelicopterHave you ever purchased a remote-controlled helicopter before? Were you satisfied with the features it provided? Here is a better upgrade of RC helicopters, called the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter, created by Air Hogs Spinmaster. The Havoc Heli RC Helicopter is a perfect toy for children 8 years and older, as well as for the child-at-heart adults.

Havoc Heli RC Helicopter is by far the smallest of all the RC helicopters. Weighing only 3 pounds and with a length of 6 inches, it is lightweight and can fit the palm of your hand. This is strictly an indoor toy, but if you want to fly it outdoors, make sure there is either no wind or zero wind. The Havoc Heli RC Helicopter set includes 2 helicopters, 2 rechargeable batteries for the helicopters and 2 control boxes with charger functions. Special features of the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter include: (1) a blue LED flashing light for night flying; (2) battling sounds; and (3) an infrared targeting function where each unit directs infrared beams to hit the other unit until 3 hits cause the injured heli to totally lose its power. Each control box uses 6 “AA” batteries but are not included in the set. Because the Havoc Heli RC Helicopters body is made from a special kind of foam, it protects the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter each time it hits concrete or hard surfaces. The unit is pre-assembled for easy handling and use. Maximum flight time is 15 minutes, and recharging the control box is 20 minutes. Since the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter is wireless it can take off, hover over anything, go up, down, left and right, and land easily.

Playing with the Havoc Heli RC Helicopter can take you to new heights. You will have hours and hours of fun flying this with your loved ones.

Get your Havoc Heli RC Helicopter HERE.