Kids love snuggly, soft and cuddly toys. And when it’s time for bed, they also want a soft pillow to lull them to sleep. You can now get both of these in just one. How would you love to gift your child with a toy that she can also sleep on? Happy Nappers are toys within a pillow. When it’s bedtime, use Happy Nappers as a pillow for your little one. And when he or she wakes up and wants to play, open it up to turn it into a toy. Each playhouse has its own sleepy sounds doorbell to wake your child’s very own playmate pet inside.

Each playhouse was designed to look like the home of the Happy Napper inside it. One minute, the pillow is a barn. Ring its doorbell and it reverses to become a cow. The castle pillow turns into a dragon. A bungalow becomes a pink and black ladybug. An igloo transforms into a penguin. A dog house becomes a dog. And a palance magically turns into a unicorn. Each sleepy sound is unique depending on the animal. Your kids will love to play with their pets and each one will have his own favorite choice. When it’s time for bed, let them give their pets a hug and a kiss and send them off to their own playhouses by reversing the pets. Happy Nappers are great to take along on long drives, when your kids sleep over at friends or simply for napping at home.

With every order of Happy Nappers, you not only get a play pillow that your child will love to hug and squeeze in bed and play with when she’s awake but a portion of the proceeds will also go to the Home Sweet Home Fund which helps the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

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