Wondering what is a good children’s gift for that special birthday or holiday occasion? Get something that they can create with their hands and will give them hours and hours of fun. Unleash the creativity in kids with Glow Bendaroos, the bending sticks that glow in the dark.

Bending sticks are not new. They have long been a favorite of kids as they bend the sticks to create animals, spaceships, flowers, backdrops like ocean floor themes or jungle items. The colorful sticks allow them to spend hours and hours creating. But Glow Bendaroos add a fun twist to all these. After they have finished with their creations, let them turn off the lights and they will squeal in delight as everything comes alive as they glow in the dark. Surely, as a kid, you also loved anything that glowed in the dark. You probably stuck those glow-in-the-dark stickers on your bed, on walls and ceilings and enjoyed seeing them light up as you lay down to sleep. Well, Glow Bendaroos are even better because if you tire of the shapes you created, just unbend them and reshape them into something totally new. And unlike paints and other arts and crafts, Glow Bendaroos are totally mess-free and easy to clean up and store. There is no end to the enjoyment from Glow Bendaroos. There are no limits to what you can create with them. Spook people out with Halloween skeletons and gremlins. Or build a wonderfully eerie, glowing underwater scene.

When you avail of the limited-time offer, you get a buy-one-take-one deal. That means two sets of Glow Bendaroos. That is a whopping total of 600 sticks: 300 rainbow and neon sticks and 300 Glow Bendaroos. In addition, get 12 traceable templates and a fun guide book for hours and hours of kiddie and adult fun.

Get the whole family shaping and bending away with Glow Bendaroos. Family bonding gets more interactive and fun and best of all, it can be enjoyed even more at night as you all step back, turn off those lights and see just how awesome everything looks as it glows in the dark.

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