I got a few Giant Microbes for my birthday, and they're my favorite toys now! I usually like stuffed toys but sometimes, there are boring ones and regular ones like bears and things like that. I wanted something different, and my parents got me Giant Microbes!

I laughed when I opened the present, because it was like giving someone a virus! They gave me the Common Cold, Diarrhea, and Black Death. I also got a petri dish for me to place them it. I'm now collecting these, got a cup and shirt of each. Whenever someone tells me what I want, I say a Giant Microbe. I don't care if I have one of the same virus or bacteria already, because I can't get enough of them and want to keep it multiplying like they are supposed to!

Giant Microbes also helps me be aware of diseases and how to prevent them. There's even other stuff like soap dispensers, neckties, t-shirts... there are more than just stuffed Giant Microbes. They're cute and funny but they also want to let you know more about them. Most diseases happen because someone isn't aware that what they did might have caused a disease.

I didn't know what Black Death was or HIV. I had to ask my mom and when she couldn't give me a lot of details, I looked it up on the Internet. Now, I think I know more than my mom about bad bacteria. I want to play with my toys knowing what they can do. Cover your mouth when you cough so you won't spread the Common Cold. I know now that to stop these some of these viruses and bacteria from spreading and making people sick, I have to wash my hands very well and stay clean. Giant Microbes likes dirty places, you know, so I try to keep my room germ-free.

When my friends come over or I go to their house, we play games with our Giant Microbes. Usually, we throw them around but we also have great laughs acting like a virus!

There are more reasons than one to why I want more Giant Microbes. Fun, cuddly, and adorable, I can even put them in a petri dish! I will never stop collecting Giant Microbes as I want to catch all of them.