Since when have monsters been cute? Sure, the movie Monsters Inc. made monsters less scary and more cute but how about giving  your kids free rein to make their own cute, adorable, fuzzy monsters? Challenge their imagination and creativy by giving them Fuzzoodles – a great new make-it-yourself toy that is sure to give hours and hours of creative fun and laughter as your kids bend, twist, turn them around and slap on different kinds of body parts to create different  Fuzzoodles each time it’s play time.

Fuzzoodles are like pipecleaners – long noodle-like sticks with fuzzy wrapping in different colors. They are so pliable that kids will love bending them this way or that, twist and bend them. Then there all these body parts that add fun as kids create their own cute monsters. Add eyes (or just one eye for fun), a mouth in an unusual place (or forget that mouth altogether), a bowtie, and some feet. Your kids will start competing to make the best-looking Fuzzoodle. The idea book that comes with the kit gives them a headstart in using Fuzzoodles. This is great for younger kids who may not know how to begin. But once they get going, their creative juices will just kick in and before they realize it, they will not need the idea book and will be creating their very own Fuzzoodles. They can create friends, families, guy and girl Fuzzoodles, and whatever else their imagination can think of.

Your order of Fuzzoodles comes with 12 short (9” or 22.86cm) and 12 long (18” or 45.72cm) fuzzoodles and 24 interchangeable parts and accessories like a bag and bowtie. Fuzzoodles can be played with as standalone toys or wrapped around the kids’ favorite items, their pens or pecils. It would look even great wrapped around their wrists! Their friends would love to touch the Fuzzoodles critters. And when they get tired of them, they can be taken apart to create new critters. The fun never ends with Fuzzoodles!

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