fuzzoodlesWhat is oodles of fun and comes in a gigantic box, is something that people won’t tire of easily, bendable, flexible, switchable, and made especially for kids? Why, it’s Fuzzoodles The Big Box! For kids who love the movie Monsters Inc, there’s a new toy in town that will make creating unique monsters a blast. Let them share it with their friends, keep it in their bags, even use it to decorate their personal belongings so that it brings a little more color into their life. For parents who are tired of kids telling them that they’re already tired of playing with their worn out, same-old same-old toys, this is definitely going to be a treat for you.

Fuzzoodles The Big Box, a set that comes in 24 Fuzzoodles with 26 parts and 1 Idea Book. One great thing about fuzzoodles is that they come in varying colors that you can twist, bend and turn to your heart’s content. Let your kids’ imagination run wild as they set out to discover how to mix and match these fuzzoodles with corresponding body parts. Add some eyes, hair, a couple of hands, some feet, and even a mouth, or none at all! Give your children something that can inspire them to be creative! With the idea book on hand, your kids can spend hours upon hours just designing and re-designing their fuzzoodle friends. What’s more, they can create a family or a bunch of them and just switch over the parts when they get tired of how they look, or maybe pull apart one to create something entirely new!

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With Fuzzoodles The Big Box, watch as your child learns to embrace the new, different and unique! Imagine -- you’ll no longer need to ask your child if you’d like to keep the light on for them, in case they are afraid of monsters under their bed or in the closet. They’ll just laugh and tell you that it’s their fuzzoodle friends in the closet and under their bed! Fuzzoodles is a friend for life.

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