Kids will love a singing stuffed animal like Foxy Roxy that sings "What Does the Fox Say?", a Santa message with their name being said and other personalized children's songs from Friendly Songs. Unique, personalized, with the child's name integrated into different songs are perfect gifts and these can be part of a music library with a children's song collection.

Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals Now available with any Song!

Friendly Songs has the birthday music, lullabies, and everyday music. There's special music for Christmas and Christian songs. Each song is to be personalized with the child's name sung as frequently as possible. The child is going to adore hearing his or her name when the CD is played, and while they sing along, it's going to be so much fun for them. Some of the songs include Wake Up, Alphabet Song, Dinosaur Shuffle, Pizza Song, Silly Farm, No One Else Like You, and Goodnight. There are many more songs to choose from that any child will surely love to listen to and hear again and again.

Friendly Songs has singing stuffed animals. You can chose from a variety of stuffed animals such as a bunny, cat, lamb, puppy, bear, and many more. Any song from their music collection can be placed for the stuffed animal to sing. And, if you have your own stuffed toy that you want to sing, you may order the sound module with a song of your choice that can be personalized.

Can you imagine just how happy a child would be to hear a song with their name in it? How thrilled their playmates would be? How awesome it would be to play personalized birthday songs during their party, on Christmas, and other fun occasions?

Would you like to hear a sample of a personalized children's song? You can when you visit Friendly Songs and place in the name to hear an excerpt.

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