Foam StructionDo you want your children to develop their hidden talents and creativity? Here is a wonderful art kit called Foamstruction Foam Struction which can bring out the artist in your children or further enhance their artistic skills.

Foamstruction Foam Struction is a unique invention which children and adults will enjoy doing alone or together. You and your children will find that Foamstruction Foam Struction is so easy to play with and will not be messy while creating realistic toys and figures. The kit includes different sizes and shapes of colored foam in the form of nuggets and sheets. The sheets vary from single-ply to double-ply to die-cut flat sheets. Also included in the kit are: 1 safety-cutting knife, 1 sponge and a cool Idea Book to help your children shape beautiful figures they want to create. You can help your children dab the sponge in water and spread the sponge over the Foamstruction Foam Struction, then press each piece together to artistic works of art to decorate your home and for your children to bring to school projects. It will be interesting to see how your children will be able to bring into being the many possible ideas they have created in their minds, and how well they can incorporate each figure to create a larger-scale project. Being non-toxic and not messy to do, this is truly an excellent choice for gift ideas not only to children, but also to the kid-at-heart adults. Weighing only 2 pounds, the Foamstruction Foam Struction can be easily kept in your bag when you bring your children to the doctor’s office or to a restaurant so that they do not get irritated while waiting.

Go ahead! Create fun, artistic figures with Foamstruction Foam Struction with your family.You are in for hours and hours of fun.

Get your Foamstruction Foam Struction HERE.