FloamAre you looking for a safe and non-toxic substance for your children to play with? Introduce to your children, Floam, a specially-formulated solution made up of microbeads mixed with foam. Floam can be shaped into any form and it stays solid once it has dried up.

Floam is so easy to use. It can be formed into any solid matter which is suitable for creating and decorative items for your house and/or perhaps, school teachers can introduce Floam to small school children to play with. Floam is very safe for children because it is water based and can be molded again and again. When dry Floam figures get wet, Floam will go back to its original state, so be careful in handling Floam if you want the figure to last a long time. To make Floam more interesting and exciting to work with, it has 6 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, and purple. Floam is a great medium to use for any project for you and your children. An advantage in using Floam is that it is an adhesive so it stays glued to any surface. Another advantage is that it does not leave any mark on the used surface unlike other molding solutions which do once you remove them from the surface. Floam is so far the favorite molding solution which kids and adults can work with together to create an indefinite number of items or figures for personal keepsake or even for gift items. A tip though is to always have your children play with Floam under the supervision of a responsible adult. Floam should not be used beside any other flammable item to avoid unnecessary problems to anyone and to property.

Bring out the creative side of yourself with Floam.

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