Ed Hardy Viper RC BoatLooking for an amazing new toy that’ll get your son to show you off as the most amazing parent that ever existed? Looking for a gift for your child, your RC vehicle enthusiast husband, friend, or even you? Interested in something that can definitely be played for hours on end without becoming boring? Then you’re definitely looking for the Ed Hardy Viper RC Boat, a high powered, remote controlled racing boat that slices through water at an incredible speed.

Measuring 10 inches by 28 inches, the Ed Hardy Viper RC Boat gets its velocity from ultra efficient twin PC propellers powered by a professional class 380 Type racing motor. With these components, it delivers a G force thrust that allows it to accelerate at amazing speeds and with amazing precision. This 1-to-20 scale black watercraft can blaze through water with speeds of up to 20mph. It can go as far as 300 feet from the remote control, so you can race it in a pool, in a lake, or if you’re daring enough, in the ocean. This amazing boat is powered by a 7.2 standard sub C NiCd battery pack that can be recharged with the accompanying AC wall charger. The remote control also comes with 2 frequencies, in case someone near you is playing on their own Ed Hardy Viper RC Boat.

This 100-percent tough metal actuating mechanism comes with a vector-push design on the control to provide for easy steering, even at high speeds, so it can not only be played alone but can be raced with other friends who are willing to take up the challenge. Imagine playing for hours with family and friends. Set up obstacles, figure out what kind of race track to use, and other amazing and creative ways to get the most fun out of playing with the Ed Hardy Viper RC Boat. There is definitely no greater toy than this. Live the dream.

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