The very popular Gyro Bowl now has a Disney theme – the Disney Gyro Bowl. It’s got the same awesome features – a spill-proof bowl that small kids can hold and handle. No matter how they hold the bowl, the contents always stay upright. Now you can save yourself the trouble cleaning up after active preschoolers because they can run around all day with the Disney Gyro Bowl and still keep food intact inside.

Kids will be excited about the Disney Gyro Bowl because it now comes in 4 designs. There’s the Toy Story gyro bowl with Woody and Buzz Lightyear on the cover; the Princess gyro bowl features 3 Disney princesses; then there’s the Cars gyro bowl; and lastly, a cute pink Minnie Mouse gyro bowl with the signature mouse ears on the bowl. Let each kid pick out his or her favorite bowl design!

The inner bowl of the Disney Gyro Bowl spins with gravity 360 degrees so kids can run with the bowl, flip it this way and that, swing it around, and whatever is inside stays inside. If you used to mop up after small kids before, you will truly love the Disney Gyro Bowl now and enjoy a home and kitchen that is spill-proof and mess-free.

Because the Disney Gyro Bowl is BPA-free plastic, it is safe for kids of any age. Let them drop it and it will not crack because its plastic is high-grade and durable. And when they’re done eating, simply pop the Disney Gyro Bowl into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

And hold on. It’s not just for kids. Adults will find many uses even for the Disney Gyro Bowl. Use it to store pins, needles and buttons when you are sewing as it won’t spill contents. Or use it to carry nails around when doing home repairs. The Disney Gyro Bowl is that versatile!

Give Disney Gyro Bowls as gifts during birthday parties and other occasions as well. Every kid who gets a hold of this will discover how much more fun they can have when their food stays in the bowl, no matter what activities they do.