Bugaboo Bee StrollerThere are strollers of all types, sizes and brands. Sometimes choosing one for your little one or selecting a gift for a friend's child can be very confusing because there are so many features out there with different prices. Before you make your decision to get one, you should check out the Bugaboo Bee Stroller.

The Bugaboo Bee Stroller is an improvement over its original version, the Bugaboo Bee 2009. It has been retrofitted and redesigned to be even more comfortable, stylish and practical. One, its ergonomically shaped backrest now fits the backs of children more naturally, following their body's curves. It has 4 adjustable height positions and the seat extends lengthwise as well to accommodate growing children. Two, the width of the seat has been slightly increased to give better comfort to your child. Third, its sun canopy has been shortened. This allows you better visibility so you need not strain to check on your child as you push the stroller along. Four, the seat is reversible using a circular joint system. You can choose to have your child face you or away from you, depending on your mood or that of your child. The Bugaboo Bee Stroller is so easy to set up or fold up and tuck away. To set up, just release the safety button, give it a slight kick and it opens up. At only 17 pounds, this stroller is easy to carry up stairs or lift and toss into the back of your car trunk. Safety is foremost in the design of the Bugaboo Bee Stroller. Its tires are made of 6-inch foam-filled rubber and the front wheels can be fixed to face forward to navigate those rough surfaces. On top of all these, when you buy the Bugaboo Bee Stroller, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Travel with your child and not have to worry. With the Bugaboo Bee Stroller, taking walks becomes even more pleasant with a child that travels in comfort and safety.

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