Blendy Splitz PensAre your young ones getting tired of their crayons or coloring pens because they keep using the same shades over and over again? Or are you looking for ways to stir up the inner creativity and artistry of your kids and keep them occupied and interested for hours and hours on end? Blendy Splitz Pens will provide hours and hours of pure fun as young children discover the art of combining and blending colors to produce literally dozens of color combinations that they never thought they could do with plain coloring pens or crayons.

Blendy Splitz Pens let kids make all sorts of crazy, fun colors. This is how it works. With your order come 20 Blendy pens and 10 fusion chambers. Just get 2 Blendy pens of any color, insert one pen into one end of the fusion chamber and the other pen on the other end of the chamber. Twist both pens into opposite directions and watch as the color of the pen on top blends with the color at the bottom. Once blended, you can write and see the 3D effect of one color overlaid over the other. The kit comes with an additional 5 Color Splitz pens which already have blended colors so you can use them right away. A lettering and project book teaches you how to get the most out of blending colors and how to make great designs. Two spiral gears add flair and artistry by letting you create swirls of different designs and blended colors. It is so much fun to create, even adults will get into the fun! And to ensure that your coloring hours extend, a CD is included with over 100 posters to print out and color.

Get downright artistic in a fun, limitless way when you get the Blendy Splitz Pens. Young kids and adults alike will have fun creating different blends and shades for different designs.

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