A toy that has 3 functions. Get one free for every order.

BlanKid Buddy is a stuffed toy that transforms into a backpack, blanket, and pillow. With three animal designs to choose from - it’s the perfect gift for kids.

Blanket - Backpack - Pillow

Practical, huggable, and adorable, a child can use it while they are awake and snuggle up with it when they sleep.

Children love stuffed animals to hug and play with. Here’s the one that they may bring around as a backpack to keep their things. What’s even better is if they need to take a nap while they are on a trip, the BlanKid Buddy can be used to cushion their head and to keep them warm.

To change into a backpack, blanket, or pillow is done by just opening or closing a zipper. Learn more by watching the BlanKid Buddy video.

The Lucky Lady Bug, Playful Panda, and Magical Monkey are the 3 members of the BlanKid Buddy family. Nice, soft, and cuddly, these stuffed toys are the cute versions of the Ladybird Beetle, the Bonobo Ape, and the Giant Panda. Every child would love a BlanKid Buddy as it is something that they want and need.

Some kids get attached to their stuffed toy and using it as a sleeping aid. Those are impractical to bring along. This fills the need of a familiar toy to hug at night, as a toy to take with them, and to use as when they are sleeping while travelling. They may use it as a pillow and as a blanket in a car, in the hotel bed, and even in the airplane seat.

All BlanKid Buddy has a water repellent inner bag that may be placed in as needed. This will keep what the place inside safe from getting wet if it falls into a puddle of water. Since kids will use it quite often, it surely will need to get cleaned. That will be easy to do as it is machine washable.

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