Big Squirt!If you are looking for a great way to keep your kids entertained on those warm days then you will want to check out the Big Squirt! This toy is a great toy that has the ability to keep kids entertained outside for hours on end. If you are planning an outdoor party and there is going to be children coming, then having some of these toys on hand is a really good idea. Adults can have a lot of fun with the Big Squirt! As well. This is one toy that allows the kids and adults to play together. You can make a great game of kids vs adults.

The Big Squirt! has a lot of features which make it one of the best squirt toys on the market. This toy will squirt water as far as 30 feet through the air, this makes it just the thing for hitting your targets with a strong stream of water. You can have teams and see which team can soak the other more, this is a great warm day game to play in your yard. It's the perfect toy to have on hand for those backyard barbecues. It's always fun to sneak up on someone and get them wet when they least expect it.

The Big Squirt is easy for you to fill up with water. It fits right on to the hose nozzle. All you do is turn on the tap and fill it up. Once it is filled with water, it is armed and ready to go. If you want to have a lot of fun at a kids party, then you will want to make sure that everyone in attendance at the party has their very own Big Squirt! It is a great way to bring everyone together and make sure that everyone has a lot of fun while they are at your party.

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