Baby Jogger City Elite Double StrollerYou may not have twins in your family but what if you have two very young and hyperactive kids? Shopping with them in a mall, going for an outdoor walk, or running errands can be very difficult. You always have to have them within your sight and when they tire from walking you need to pick them up. You can put them in strollers but that means buying two. You can rent strollers in the mall but what if you are alone and you have 2 kids and the strollers for rent are single strollers? Take a look at an attractive, maneuverable and ultra convenient stroller - the Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller.

Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller is an all-terrain swivel wheel stroller. It has 12-inch wheels and independent frontend suspension system that allows the front wheels to lock for tighter steering control. The handle is adjustable to the height of the person pushing the stroller. One great feature of this double stroller is the ease with which it can be folded and stored in the trunk of your car or closet. All it takes is a few seconds. There is no need to unscrew the wheels. Aside from that convenience, your kids will love the Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller too because of its deluxe padding that gives them extra comfort while riding in it. Dual reclining backs allow you to recline the seats individually. The double canopies provide full shade protection but can also be folded completely back to provide extra sunshine. A footrest at the bottom flips up to reveal an underside basket for storing baby things.A dual 5-point harness with thick padded straps will assure you that your kids are strapped in safely.

The Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller is also one of the narrowest double strollers, allowing you to easily navigate aisles in malls or enter through doors without any problem. When you own the Baby Jogger City Elite Double Stroller you will enjoy taking your kids out, knowing that convenience is in your hands while allowing them to ride along safely.

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