Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound MonitorHaving a newborn infant or toddler around the house can be both a wonderful and scary experience. While you take delight in holding and caring for the child, you know that you have household chores around the house that also need attention. There will always be times during the day or night you need to leave your child in his crib or bed to clean the house or fix lunch or dinner. You may suddenly need to answer the door or the phone. You will want to be able to monitor your infant or older child wherever in the house you may be. The answer to your dilemma is the Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor.

The Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor is more than a sound monitor. It is also a sensor that sends out an alarm when your child has not moved in 20 seconds. Just put the sensor under the mattress of baby. There are 3 modes which you can use depending on your need and your baby’s age. When you activate the Sound & Movement function, you can hear the sounds your baby makes, see sound lights, and hear a “tic” sound every time baby moves. If there is no “tic” for 20 seconds, an alarm goes off allowing you to go check on your child. If you do not need the ticking sound, just choose the Tic Off mode. The sensor will still monitor your baby’s movement and sound an alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. For older babies, you can simply activate the Sound Only mode. That disables the movement sensor allowing you simply to hear your baby and see sound lights.

Always have peace of mind when you are not beside your child. With the Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor, you will be able to monitor the sounds and movement of your child while doing your work or resting when you want to.

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