air-hogs-reviewAir Hogs remote control helicopter are the best RC helicopter for their value. Air Hogs are both outdoor and indoor RC helicopters, just be careful not to bang them up or knock anything over while playing with them inside. Explore the world of these RC flying toys with this Air Hogs review.

Air Hogs models vary according to size and features. Air Higs RC helicopters have the smallest one in the world. These fly with incredible accurancy and for best performance, there should be no wind while playing with the Air Hogs. Some of the Air Hogs models are licensed by Boeing, a world leading manufacturer of aircrafts.

With a four-way remote control, kids from ages 8 and up can easily manuver the Air Hogs helicopter. These Air Hog helicopters are so much fun that even adults will enjoy playing with them. Air Hogs imitate the movements of a real helicopter including that of hovering in a stationary position.

With double rotor blades, Air Hogs performs better. Some of the models have a blue LED light that will make it more interesting for the child to watch while night flying. Air Hogs will provide your child with unlimited hours of fun.

Air Hogs helicopter comes in a complete kit, which includes the landing pad. For a great and fun indoor and outdoor activity that will help a child become more dexterous, Air Hogs is the toy to choose. 3 Air Hogs can fly in the room simultaneously, independently controlled, so kids can have a friendly Air Hogs competition with each other.

Air Hogs are one of the most popular remote controlled operated toys today. Affordable in price, sleek in design, and easy to master, your child will love to own an Air Hog. Since they are quite reasonably priced, you might want to start collecting Air Hogs as these are the kind of toys that your child won't outgrow.