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One of the smallest and strongest personal vaporizers, the VAPORMAX – V DRY HERB VAPORIZER + WAX has the latest features that enables it to burn natural herbs with ZERO COMBUSTION! That means steady vapor production while the heat threshold […]

This herb vaporizer has the atomizer coil heads which are simply changed so it can be used for either wax or dry herb. It looks like an ordinary e-cigarette and has the F1 battery with features such as the dual […]

Electronic cigarettes have been classified as a nicotine delivery device. Technically speaking, this term is not totally correct when one takes into account the fact that the e-liquids, the content of ecigs that turn into vapor, which contain no nicotine. […]

The year was 2003. The place, Beijing, China. The man, Hok Lik, a pharmacist, 52 years of age, had lost his father to lung cancer. Hok Lik was also a smoker. This must have been the reason why the company […]

Decades ago, no one would have ever believed that one can ‘smoke’ an electronic device. But, many people are not aware of the fact that in America during 1963, a certain Herbert A. Gilbert had patented what he called ‘a […]

Many of us search electronic cigarette reviews and wonder what the benefits of these are. As we visit the various e cigarette stores, the notable facts are shown, such as: – No smelly smoke, ash, tar, or flame – Gets […]

Smoke Free, it is like the wind blows, there’s no doubt about it, life can be smoke-free. In this review, there’s a FREE electronic hookah, coupon codes, and whole lot more freebies. Interested? Here’s the review about the electronic cigarette […]

Enter the world of flavor and it ain’t Marlboro country. It’s flavored vapor at its finest that will surely tickle your fancy. When regular tobacco and menthol is not just enough, then get the subtle tones of the various blends […]

Review: eCigs, ePipes, eCigars, and the eSpliff for smoking legal herbs. If you want to ‘smoke’ alternative cigarettes or take a toke, this eCigs store review has got it all for that nicotine or non-nicotine hit or high. Electronic Cigarette […]

This Bull Smoke review has the cutting edge in vapor technology. 5 years in the making, their team of engineers created a smart battery and upgraded the response level. These features unique to Bull Smoke is what makes their electronic […]

Try Bedford Slims, the e-cigs that fits right into your lifestyle and budget and is unique because it has herbal ingredients. Bedford Slims has a mustache logo and one distinct caffeinated flavor that is going to be an unforgettable experience […]

This Tru Smoke review presents an electronic cigarette kit which is a self-contained pack. Tru Smoke is 1 + 1 + 1 and this formula makes the difference. Want to learn more? Here’s the review. Tru Smoke has a 3 […]