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You can whip up the best grilled steak without having to spend a fortune with the Cook Air Grill. The Cook Air Grill is a portable grilling kit, weighing only a little less than 20 pounds. Take it on the […]

Opening canned foods and drinks can be quite difficult when you do not have the right kitchen tool to use. The Kuhn Rikon Auto DeluxeSafety Can Opener is a revolutionary can opener which can open almost every tin can you […]

Hot, gooey, and delicious smores are fun treats which you can make in your very home. With the new Smores Wizard, you can easily make a plateful of freshly-hot smores, grilling it just the way you want it. Smores Wizard […]

Imagine your family seated at a table, waiting for dinner to be served. Before the meal arrives, a platter of freshly cooked onion blossoms is set on the table. It’s crispy on the outside, yet soft and warm on the […]

Have you ever wondered how restaurant chefs churn out those beautiful, lotus-like flowers from onions, apples, boiled eggs and more to add flair and style to a dish? You can do the same too. With Onion Machine, one quick move […]

Who doesn’t love a laid back get-together every now and then? Fun company, relaxed ambience, great food… Now, if only there was just a way for you to enjoy all that instead of juggling your meal and drink—and without worrying […]

Desserts are the sweetest and most delicious way to end any great meal. But anything—no matter how tasty or enjoyable—can get boring when served over and over again in the same dull way. Luckily, there’s now an easy way to […]

When it comes to juicing, there is no one more knowledgeable and avid about juicers than American fitness guru, Jack LaLanne. Having been a former sugarholic himself, Jack LaLanne designed different kinds of Power Juicer by Jack LaLanne to suit […]

Now, there’s no need to get one’s hands smelly while chopping up garlic, onions, or any other spices.  Quickly chop, mince, dice, and slice vegetables, nuts and fruits. And all you need is the Quick Chopper. This innovative kitchen gadget […]

How to make different shaped sushi fast? Sushi is all about presentation. Become a Sushi Maker Master with the use of special molds and spatulas. Create various shapes such as heart and square sushi with ease with the 5-in-1Miracle Mold. […]

What is the best kind of lid? A cover that fits all sorts of containers and more – reusable, Stretch Lids works like cling film. Be it a bowl or half a watermelon, cover it with a stretchable lid made […]

Cake doesn’t have to always be round or rectangular. And you don’t need to be a whiz at baking to whip up a cake the way bakeshops do. With Bake Pops, add fun and snazzle to any kiddie or adult […]